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Nitrous Marketing was founded in 2011 and immediately started servicing larger clients as an internet marketing agency. The same year was also the first time “native advertising” was coined in reference to online advertisements. Recognizing its potential, Nitrous Marketing deeply submerged itself into this new advertising methodology and added it to our follow-up list of web development and branding services. The early adoption of this disruptive new online advertising technology allowed us to become the leading company to offer native ad consultation and implementation.

Due to our rapid success in the native advertising world and slow overall market adoption, our company began to shift our primary focus towards our own digital content projects. This led us to creating and maintaining over 25 of our own websites and digital content brands in a variety of different niches which continue to attract millions of unique visitors every month. This gives us a very advantageous perspective on what content strategies are currently the most effective in today’s climate and positions us far ahead of the information curve.

In order to help automate the maintenance and scaling of our digital brands we developed a customized software that provides a content marketing platform that streamlines distribution to multiple content recommendation networks such as Outbrain, RevContent, Taboola, and Content.ad. The software allows us to maintain a centralized platform to focus on the creative process with instant insight into relevant data.

Our exclusive custom software gives us:

  • A central location to create, publish, and scale ads on multiple content recommendation networks
  • A single point of access for all campaigns, data and reports
  • Custom rule based programmatic optimization and automation

We currently rent out a “limited access version” of our platform as a follow up service to a group of larger digital media companies that we’ve partnered with to mutually scale content promotion & distribution across a growing network of media sites. This is approved on a strategic case-by-case basis. Our “in-house” version is infinitely more expansive and allows us to provide a significant competitive advantage when we handle our clients campaigns personally.

Since we have our own roots in the digital content industry, are an internet marketing agency, and are able to leverage the game-changing capabilities of our ground breaking software, we have a much larger field of vision in terms of predicting user interaction and future trends. Our employee’s spend every day tweaking and testing new designs, configuring new layouts, and measuring analytics as to how different groups of users engage with different designs. This gives us a huge advantage because it allows us to bring these “bigger picture” analytics with us when we create the most effective design and campaign strategy for our clients target niche and audience, as opposed to treating it as two separate processes.

We are confident that this allows us to provide much more value to our clients needs than any other agency currently operating within our field. If you are needing a boost, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!



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